Notes from the Groomer



After I deliver a happy dog to its home (!), we can discuss a regularly scheduled grooming appointment to reduce shedding, odors, and skin irritations.

Powerup & Checkup:


1st. I plug in the Van for Power. Next, I evaluate the coat condition and discuss the owner's preferences and instructions.

The Grooming:

I then perform the full service grooming, always including an all natural warm water bath before a haircut or deshedding. All dogs get their ears cleaned and nails cut. 

What to Expect

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Odds and Ends


We treat every animal that walks through the van doors as though it were our own. 


Sometimes it's tough to know where to turn when your dog needs compassionate and experienced grooming. That's why I created Fur Dogs Only, the one and only mobile dog grooming experience you'll ever need. My name is Michael, and I have always desired to work with dogs, which is why I have dedicated myself to growing a business where I can work one on one with all kinds of dogs. I love what I do and it shows. Experience my passion for all types and breeds of dogs.  Feel good knowing your dog will be groomed in a safe and loving environment just outside your door. I am truly dedicated to delivering quality grooming to your curb, performed in a clean vehicle, using only the best products, at realistic prices. Because we are a full-service salon, your pet can get everything from warm water natural baths for long lasting odor control to expert hair styling and nail trimmings all in one place; we are fully capable of meeting all of your pet grooming needs. With well over a decade of full time mobile grooming experience, you can relax and trust us with your dog or puppy; You'll be glad you did! Thank you for your consideration.

About Michael and Our Dog Grooming Services


the best care for your dogs

Fur Dogs Only



We can effectively De-Skunk your Dog on an Emergency basis when time permits. 

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       We use, per  dog, the amount of power of one load of clothe washing,That's it!

        Also, maintaining a gas generator vastly increases the grooming cost. By simply plugging in, Fur Dogs Only drastically reduces stress to your pet as well as the cost of mobile grooming!


         From experience, Fur Dogs Only chooses to use shore line power (we plug into a socket at your house) to eliminate pet stress & the foul fumes caused by a loud generator.